Top Ten Best Automobile Companies in India

Ever given thought to the indispensable essence of four wheelers on the human beings of modern times? Well, automobiles have truly become a chief contributor to our life. Automobile companies do deserve high accolades for it.

We certainly are blessed with multiple automobile companies plying their trade in the market. They are the basis for designing, manufacturing, marketing of the product. And boy they do it such exquisitely!

We thought of plugging through the plethora of multiple automobile companies in India to find the best of the lot. Here’s our list of Top 10 best car auto manufacturing companies in India. Go on, don’t wait on this one.

10) Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland

  • Ashok Leyland remains one of the prime automobile manufacturers of India.
  • They were incorporated back in 1948 and went on to manufacture heavy duty vehicles, a much-needed one.
  • They remain a major contributor to commercial production of bus, trucks, light vehicles and military logistics.

9) Toyota Kirloska

Toyota Kirloska

  • This one is a joint venture of Toyota Motor Corporation and Kirloskar Group.
  • They offer the products under the pseudonym of Toyota and offers around 2,00,000 cars per annum.

8) Eicher Motors

Eicher Motors

  • Famed as the manufacturer of thefirst agricultural tractor in India, they have quite a repertoire.
  • They produce heavy and mid-size vehicles along with flagship bike brand of Royal Enfield.
  • Their bikes remain a firm favorite for many around the globe and the nation.

7) Honda Motors India

Honda Motors India

  • An initiative of Honda Motor Company and Usha International, this one was launched back in 1995.
  • It manufactures cars based on the Honda’s repertoire of best in class and build.
  • It currently offers multi-variants of theautomobile like low class-sedan, luxury sedan, SUV’s and more.

6) Hyundai Motor India ltd

Hyundai Motor India ltd

  • An initiative of Hyundai, this one manufactures India’s variants of Hyundai vehicles.
  • It features the best sellers of Hyundai in the world.
  • Currently, their repertoire boasts of perfectly blended cars like sedans, hatchback, SUV’s and more.

5) Bajaj Auto LTD

Bajaj Auto LTD

  • A company that’s synonymous with being one of the best in the world let India alone, Bajaj is listed at five in our list.
  • It was incorporated back in 1945 and manufacturers two-wheelers and three-wheelers for the Indian consumers.
  • Their product range has always been one keenly attended.
  • A few variants of its are pulsar range, the INS Vikrant range, Avenger, and scooty.

4) Hero Motocorp LTD

Hero Motocorp LTD

  • A company that’s famed for its two-wheelers and are ranked as the top sellers in the Indian automobile industry, this one has a pretty little history of its.
  • It was incorporated back in 1986 as a joint venture of Hero Cycles and Honda Motors.
  • The venture collapsed in 2010 when the companies opted out of it and the name was changed to Hero MotoCorp.
  • It currently features CD Dawn, Splendor, Hunk, Xtreme, Karizma and more.

3) Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki

  • A premier automobile manufacturing company, they remain one of the most loved ones among the Indian enthusiasts.
  • This one came into existence in 1982 when Maruti and Suzuki joined hands.
  • The venture then leads to a series of achievements and accomplishment on automobile front.
  • Their production line boasts a capacity of 14 lakhs units per year with sales accumulating 48,000 crores. The company had a net profit of 3700 crores in the past annum.

2) Mahindam & Mahindra

Mahindam & Mahindra

  • A company formed before the independence in 1945 at Ludhiana, India this one remains a giant in the automobile business.
  • They remain the world’s largest tractor manufacturing company alongside being India’s second highest automobile manufacturers.
  • The company produces trucks, tempos, consumer vehicles, bus, military vehicles and more.
  • The company has a turnaround of Rs 40 billion in the past annum.
  • Furthermore, they enjoy quite a good repertoire abroad in terms of investment in multiple foreign automobile brands.

1) Tata Motors

Tata Motors

  • An Indian automobile and conglomerate giant, Tata Motors remain the Asia’s largest automobile manufacturers and 17th in the world.
  • It was founded back in 1945 and boasts of state of the art manufacturing units and more.
  • They currently rank as the topmost producer in every segment of domestic automobile trade.
  • Furthermore, they have quite a presence on the international front with multiple investments.

To state it precisely, India really boasts of top of the line automobile manufacturers of the world. It’s a pretty sight to have them ply their trade in the market where we as a consumer can enjoy the privileges.

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