Top 10 Best Car Stereo System in India With Price

Who does not love music while going on a road trip?

Well, everyone does. And to fulfill this desire, every car needs to be equipped with a car stereo system right out of the factory. However, most cars come out with a standard stereo based cassette or CD player with a built in radio tuner, and if you are a music enthusiast the basic output of the audio might not seem very pleasing to your ears. Thanks to the aftermarket units though, they can bridge the gap between your enthusiasm and capability to afford one.

The stereo system interfaces are commonly known as head units, and a lot of these head units are available in the Indian automotive market for very reasonable prices. Unless you are going for the original factory made OEM units, they shouldn’t rip anyone’s wallets off. Here’s a brief description on the top 10 best car stereos in India 2016.

10. JVC Car Stereo

In the world of car audio systems, JVC is a very common name. Although the company has originated in Japan, yet the customer base of JVC head units seem denser in the Indian subcontinent. The 2016 model of the JVC car stereo systems has hit the market already. We would recommend JVC KDR540 player. Price: Rs. 6,999.

9. Convoy 12v Bluetooth Car Audio Stereo

The Convoy 12v unit is a single din head unit, suitable for most of the budget cars running in the Indian market. It comes with a remote control as well. The display has multiple segments inside, and LED backlight helps night time visibility. There are straight forward buttons on the player for basic functionalities, and the operation is very easy. Price: Rs. 2,599.

8. Alpine Single-Din Bluetooth Car Stereo

Apart from the regular car stereo functionalities, the Alpine Single-Din player comes with advanced features for Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free call capability. The radio receiver can stream audio in HD so that the output becomes clear and audibly soothing to the driver’s ears. The backlit LCD can help read the texts very easily ta night. Price: Rs. 16,700.

7. Pioneer DEH-150MP Single Din

Pioneer players are very popular for their enriched sound quality, and superior longevity over many years. This single din player is suitable for cars that has a comparatively compact middle panel. The features are AM/FM radio, standard CD player, MP3 receiver and a standard remote control. The LCD display is segmented into multiple panels and the LED backlight makes visibility so much better. Price: Rs. 4,816.

6. Pioneer In-Dash Digital Media Receiver

For a moderate price tag, the Pioneer In-Dash Digital Media Receiver makes a great car audio device. For Bluetooth devices, the audio will be picked up from exactly where the user had left it. Even the Bluetooth audio could be controlled from the player’s interface, which makes the operation a lot easier. Almost any music player including smartphones can stream music to this device. Price: Rs. 6,299.

5. Kenwood KDC-152 In-Dash

Kenwood In-Dash head units are naturally quite easy to install and use, and they have a positive reputation of lasting so long. For simple operation and an expected longevity, we would recommend you to the Kenwood KDC-152 In-Dash head unit. This unit comes with a standard CD players and an AM/FM radio unit. For audio input from other devices, there’s an AUX input. Price: Rs. 5,190.

4. Pioneer DEH-X6700BT

The Pioneer DEH-X6700BT is a standard CD player for cars, equipped alongside a standard AM/FM radio. The playback quality is highly superior, and the output would be purified with installed DACs. No matter what environment you are driving in, the audio output will always be pleasing to your ears. Bluetooth is enabled for hands-free call and audio streaming. Price: Rs. 6,899.

3. Pioneer AVH-X7500BT Multimedia

If you aren’t satisfied with single DIN interfaces, then the X7500BT is the multimedia head unit you should get. It has a 7-inch flip out display so this player fits in a single din compartment. There are all necessary features like a CD player, AM/FM tuner, Bluetooth etc. Price: Rs. 35,529.

2. Sound Storm Laboratories SM316

The Sound Storm Laboratories SM316 single din player couples up with almost every popular music player out there – smartphones, iPod, third party Bluetooth or wired players etc. The maximum output through each speaker could range up to 80 watts, across 4 individual players. It takes CD/DVD disks, and there’s an AM/FM radio tuner. Price: Rs. 3,599.

1. Pioneer DEH X-6800BT Single DIN

Pioneer DEH X-6800BT Single DIN

Within a budget, the Pioneer DEH X-6800BT player offers almost everything a single-din player can offer. It has CD player, AM/FM tuner, MP3 receiver and a standardized remote control. Also, the front plate is detachable for added security functionality. The audio output is 50 watts through 4 speakers. Price: Rs. 6,999.


As it appears, the car audio market is dominated by Pioneer in India, just like any other automobile market. However, all the other models aren’t any less capable either.


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