Comparison Between Renault Kwid Vs Nissan Micra

Don’t you love to glide past the frontier of cars laying across the showroom glass board? Glancing down at them, it does feel hard enough to decide on the best one, isn’t it? Well, let us simplify the things for you.

Here’s us treating you to a comparison between the top-selling four-wheelers in the market. We’ll be continuing our journey with two hatchbacks, one from Renault Kwid and the other one labelled Nissan Micra.

Join us down below.

The synopsis

Breaking into the entry level market dominated by other bigger players isn’t always easy. But Renault holds the answer to the other competitors with this peach of a hatchback. It’s powered with prime features and posh looks to furnish a greatly looking piece at your garage.

Renault Kwid

Nissan Micra is an offering of the Japanese manufacturer who have quite a fine repertoire in automobile niche. This one from Nissan is a powerful beat of a four-wheeler with the right caliber of specs and features.

Nissan Micra

Time for some specs-treat, if you’re longing for.


The one from Renault, the Kwid is fitted with a 799cc 3-cylinder engine with roaring power of 54 PS @5678 RPM and maximum torque of 72 Nm @4386 RPM. It nears 5-speed manual transmission and has a front wheel driveline quite akin to other entry level hatchbacks.

Nissan Micra comes in two variants, the diesel engine, and petrol engine ones. We’ll be briefing on both of them down below. Apart from the difference in engine displacement and power, they both flaunt 5-speed manual/automatic transmission with front wheel driveline.

Let’s dig deep into the petrol engine one. It’s supported with 1198 cc engine displacement generating a peak power of 76 PS@ 6000 RPM and a torque of 104Nm @ 4000 RPM.

The diesel variant meanwhile packs a 1461 cc engine with a power of 64 PS @4000 RPM and a torque of 160 Nm @2000 RPM.


The fuel tank capacity for Renault Kwid is 28 ltr with an ARAI-certified mileage of 25.17 km/ltr.

For Nissan Micra, the stats read 41 ltr of fuel tank capacity. The ARAI certified mileage for manual transmission based petrol engine is 18.44 km/ltr while the automatic transmission based petrol engine offers 19.34 km/ltr.

For the Nissan Micra models equipped with diesel engine, the mileage stats read 23.08 km/ltr.

Suspension & Steering

Renault Kwid is fitted with Mac Pherson strut along with a low ertransverse link for the front suspension. Meanwhile, the rear suspension is a twisted beam with coil spring. The steering remains manual for all the variants of Renault Kwid.

Both the petrol and diesel engine models from Nissan has McPherson Strut front suspension along with Torsion Beam rear suspension. Power steering is available on all the variants of Nissan Micra.

Seating and Boot Space

Since both these cars are hatchback models, they offer seating capacity for 5-people in a seating row of 2. There’re 5 doors on both the cars.

The boot space of Renault Kwid is quite large in comparison to other hatchback models. It has 300 ltr boot space while the one from Nissan has 251 ltr of boot space.


As is the trend of better facilities with the higher priced models, one can’t really berate them. Let’s just start with the basic ones while we throw up some advanced features time and between.

The basic features integrated into Renault Kwid is child safety locks, speed sensor door lock, seat belt warning. The high-end spectrum of it offers airbags, infotainment system and more.

Nissan Micra features engine immobilizer, airbags, central locking, door ajar locking and more in the basic models. The high-end ones come equipped with ABS for safety measures. Almost every variant is equipped with power windows, multifunction displays and a dual instrument console of analog+ digital.

Price & Variants

Here’re the pricing and variants for Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid Standard –  Rs 2.57 lakh

Renault Kwid RXE –  Rs 2.88 lakh

Renault Kwid RXL –  Rs 3.11 lakh

Renault Kwid RXT –  Rs 3.44 lakh

Renault Kwid RXT (O) – Rs 3.53 lakh

Here’re the ones for Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra XL (Petrol)- Rs 5.37 lakh

Nissan Micra XL (O) (Petrol)- Rs 5.97 lakh

Nissan Micra XL CVT (Petrol)- Rs 6.53 lakh

Nissan Micra X-SHIFT (Petrol)- Rs 6.53 lakh

Nissan Micra XV CVT (Petrol)- Rs 7.19 lakh

 Nissan Micra XL (Diesel)- Rs 6.40 lakh

Nissan Micra XL (O) (Diesel)- Rs 6.93 lakh

Nissan Micra XV Premium (Diesel)- Rs 7.66 lakh

Nissan Micra XV (Diesel)- Rs 7.48 lakh

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