Bajaj Kristal 100 Features, Specifications & Price in India

Kristal 100 is the two wheeler scooter from popular Indian motorbike maker, Bajaj. This scooter has received mixed verdicts from people who purchased or rode it – people are mostly happy with the Bajaj Kristal 100 but few concerns regarding the after-sales service has been noticed in the user reviews. Bajaj Kristal 100 is a typical two wheeler with the accents of a motorbike. Even the rear seat handles look like that of a Pulsar motorbike indicating that this scooter is made for the youth with enthusiasm for motorbikes, but comes with the comfort level of a scooter. Bajaj Kristal 100 was first introduced in 2007 and still available in many regions of India.

Bajaj Kristal 100 Specifications

Bajaj Kristal 100

Bajaj Kristal 100 has a 100 cc DTS-I engine, the similar type used in other popular motorbikes like the Bajaj Pulsar or Bajaj Discovery. The highest rated output is 7.21 bhp at 7500 rpm and the maximum torque output is 7.66 Nm at 5500 rpm. The engine provides great pick up and the overall design ensures the rider is able to carry out necessary maneuvers to ride through heavy traffic congestions. Ground clearance of 140mm is bit lower than few other popular models, but even at this height the Kristal 100 won’t be hitting speed bumps or potholes.

Highest speed on the Kristal 100 is 80 km/h. On a combined assessment of city and highway riding, the mileage had been found to be around 50 km/l. This bike weighs 99 kgs which contributes to lesser fuel consumption.

Center mounted panel on the Bajaj Kristal 100 has analogue fuel gauge and speedometer. The design on these are eye catchy and prominence helps with quick peeking while riding at a higher speed.

Potential buyers are advised to ensure that there are authorized Bajaj service centers around their place. Ex-showroom price – Rs. 39,600.

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