Bajaj CT100B Specifications, Features and Price

The very new facelift for Bajaj with the new release of CT100.The model comes with an improvised safety features and with renewed configuration, but with the same successful engine as with earlier model. The visible changes include alloy wheels and a better graphics. The front frame has been worked upon with minor changes that have a renewed sleeker look than the previous version.

Engine and performance

The engine has not tampered and it is wise from the engineers of Bajaj to rely on same engine that has 99.27 cc single cylinder, 4 stroke engine. The engine generates 8.1 bhp at 7500rpm. A pretty success story that has showed the class for almost a decade. The company expects the new design to be expected widely since the last version has been the success and company hopes to build on the leverage of the CT100.

Bajaj CT100B


The model has changed the design of the seating to a lowered panel for easiness and comfort as not seen in the earlier models. The SNS suspension has been the other interesting aspect that has been improvised in the latest CT 100.The ride is supposed to be smoother and controllable with the SNS suspension and the overall dynamics is supposed to be much comfortable as compared to the earlier models

Mileage and Verdict

The mileage of CT on the normal conditions is rated at 89.5 kmpl as with the earlier models. The new design and extra effort on the dynamics are supposed to improve mileage in the city conditions and traffic as well. With an impressive price range of around INR 38000/-(On – road) and mileage, CT 100 is quite expected to hang around with other bikes in the same class. The renewed version is also expected to be more appealing and trendy with few design patches that are truly inspiring.

One thought on “Bajaj CT100B Specifications, Features and Price”

  1. Recently I buy this product bajaj ct 100 B on july 2016. and it’s upgraded too. I like it. it gives milage minimum 70 kmpl. and now a days 1ltr pletrol 67/- rupees in hyderabad. if I calculate 1rupee gives 1kilometer. so that’s why I buy this bajaj ct 100 B bike. what common people wants more than these.

    And buses raised they ticket prices. I am from hayathnagar. buses problems every time. cat’t wait until the bus come. and buses filled with full of people. and fighting with conductor about chillara(coins).i am so sick of it. now I have a bike now I can go where I want when I want with on budjet.

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