4 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands in India

With the increased level of road traffic, more users are focusing on two-wheelers and bicycles as a favorite transport mode. When it comes to road safety, a helmet has been the best choice for years. As we know that helmet plays a vital role in protecting us from injuries and accident. Despite knowing the importance of the helmet, people feel it as a burden while riding bicycles. It does not just protect us from severe injuries but also helps prevent sand, fog and dust particles that penetrate into our eyes. We have listed the top 4 best helmet brands in India for those who need a safety.

  • Vega

Vega was founded in 1983, since then it has established itself as one of the most leading helmet manufacturers in India. With the great blend of design, process, and quality, Vega challenging with top leaders. It grabs customers through a wide range of helmets including Full Face helmets, off-road helmets, Open face helmets etc. Affordability and reliability are the success key of Vega. Having a high degree of quality in excellence, Vega provides a customized solution for its clients.

  • Studds

As a reputed helmet, Studds has grabbed hundreds of thousands of customers for years. Having a great partnership with top automakers, Studd has served more than 35 countries including Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa etc. It offers a comprehensive range of products including Full Face Helmets, Sporting Helmets, Open Face Helmets, Industrial helmets etc.

  • Steel Bird

Steel bird offers wide varieties of motorcycle accessories such as pannier boxer, hand gloves, jackets, gear, helmets etc. with over 32 Helmet models and 13 Pannier Box models, Steel bird provides a one-stop solution for all bicycles riders who need safety and comfort.

The best part of Steel bird is it believes in producing high-quality helmets that are designed for all age groups. Some of the popular Open Face motorcycle helmets of steel birds are Jet Helmets, Grand Pix Helmets, Moto Cross Helmets, and Cross helmets

  • Wrangler

Having a high excellence in product quality, wrangler has attained good reach in competitive automaker market in India. Considered as the good exporter and supplier of Helmets, Wrangler believes in delivering affordable helmets such as stylish helmets, Designer helmets, Bike helmets, Safety helmets and much more. The helmet is indeed safe and saves our lives. A recent study has revealed that those who wear the helmet are having a 40{f95c7881617d93ef1bb7fba79017494328ee4f77172486ad8b5017488f52bb1c} lower chance of head injuries.

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