10 Car Accessories to Enhance your Driving Experience

Over the past decade, a good number of technologies have emerged into the market. Cars have improved in the first place and the latest models come with a lot of driver-oriented equipment pre-loaded, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a modern car with all latest gizmos. Or there are owners of base model cars with less electronics than the deluxe versions of the same car – and these are the practical cases where the necessity of aftermarket car gadgets come into light. Long road trips are boring unless you bring your best friends on the car; but don’t only limit the fun to them. Rather, enhance all your driving experiences by buying the 10 car accessories we have shortlisted for you here.

10. Parrot Asteroid Mini

Parrot Asteroid Mini

The name has nothing to do with pets, or intergalactic stuff. It is instead a multimedia console for any sized vehicle, only a car audio system is needed to be pre-installed which is a standard option in almost every car since long ago. Parrot Asteroid Mini is a dashboard mounted car infotainment system powered by Android OS, and it connects to almost any cellphone with Bluetooth connectivity. Music can be streamed from smartphones to Asteroid Mini, and even the Play Store works in a compact form. It’s a complete package if you need an advanced head unit for your car, but don’t have much budget for it.

9. Griffin iTrip

Griffin iTrip

Griffin iTrip is basically a hardware interface that teams up with an iOS app, to stream online radio channels through the FM spectrum to your car. Of course it’s a short range radio transmitter and you can’t have your own radio channel set up across the city, but for the inside of a car the Griffin iTrip would be a pretty good companion if online radio channels are your thing.

8. GoPro Hero 3

GoPro Hero 3

Apparently, GoPro Hero 3 could act as a very worthy dashboard camera. It’s not certainly the latest model, however who needs to record a 6 hour 4K video on road trips? Either set it facing towards the road to use it as a high-resolution dashboard camera, or point it towards the passengers and record a memorable road-trip video. In this era of social networking, the use of action cameras in car can never go wrong.

7. Cobra iRadar Atom

Cobra iRadar Atom

This is basically a police tracker, to acknowledge you of potential speed traps set up ahead in your route. Especially made for racers but anyone who loves motorsports would find the Cobra iRadar Atom helpful. Whereas this makes speeding easier for enthusiast, it also guides through several safety measures to keep the speeding driver and passive road users safe.

6. Road Angel Gem

Road Angel Gem

The Road Angel Gem is another law enforcement tracking devices. Like the previous one, this basically works on crowd-sourced data on where speed traps and other high-speed driver locators are set on a route and some hardware based data are used to warn the driver as well. This device has a propriety service named eAssist which connects drivers to an operator.

5. Devium Dash

Devium Dash

If your car does not come with modern facilities to directly connect a smartphone to the car’s infotainment system, then this device would do the same. Just slide in your smartphone into this device’s chamber and your entertainment files and radio tuner would be usable through the car entertainment system.

4. Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

People who love knowing their vehicles stat without going to workshops very frequently, should buy the Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics device. It’s an OBD-II interface device that connects to your car’s OBD port, usually located underneath the steering column. Car owners get to see in-depth car information and run diagnostics on their smartphones through the apps.

3. Kensington Proximo

Kensington Proximo

These Kensington devices are basically security alarms for your gadgets. Technically, the Proximo is a proximity sensor in form of a key fob and typically attached to a smartphone or some other portable device. If you are leaving your phone behind in your car, the Kensington Proximo will sound its on-board alarm and warn you.

2. SuperTooth HD

SuperTooth HD

Although talking over phone while driving is risky no matter what hands-free device you are using, yet some people are too busy and need to talk on their phones while driving. SuperTooth HD intends to offer the best speakerphone to these drivers. Not only phone calls but SuperTooth HD would also read out text messages and notifications.

1. Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker

Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker

Who would not love going on a long road trip, and having some espresso coffee while you pull off by the cliff on your way towards destination? If that sounds great, then the Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker is the best coffee maker for a car one could get right now. It’s non-electrical, handheld and portable.


These are the top 10 accessories we could find for your car to make a journey fantastic and memorable. You could suggest us more that we could have listed here.



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