Top 10 Best SUV Cars Below 10 Lakhs Rs in India 2018

Want a piece of the SUV? SUV’s are often called as the muscular beast of the road. They do make a fine piece own. And the buck just doesn’t stop right there. You can avail the high performing engine specs with SUV’s, one that’s placed far better than the meagre cars.

So off we went in the search for the best SUV cars in India trading in the current market. And we have found quite a few gems. But if you’ve been thinking that SUV cost you tons of money, then let us assure you on that one, you’ve been ill informed all these time.

You’ll definitely feel better when the list for the top 10 best SUV cars under 10 lakhs INR in India 2016 in unveiled. So shall we start off then?

10) Mahindra Bolero

Mahindra Bolero

Let’s tick off the list with the multifunctional SUV from Mahindra. This one bears all-diesel engine of 2523 cc. it has 5-speed manual transmission. The driveline remains front wheel based.

It now comes with an updated design and well-equipped features. It has the7-seating capacity and features a mileage of 15.96 km/ltr.

Price- 6.47- 8.25 lakhs

9) Mahindra Nuvosport

Mahindra Nuvosport

Mahindra Nuvosport is the next one on our list. It comes equipped with a 5+2 seating capacity.

This one comes powered with a 1493 cc diesel engine propelled with a5-speed transmission. The transmission is based on manual or automatic transmission depending on the variant.

It provides a mileage of 16.21 km/ltr for automatic variant and 17.21 km/ltr for the manual variant.

Price- 7.42- 9.87 lakhs

8) Tata Safari Dicor

  Tata Safari Dicor

One from the clan of Tata Motors, this one has two variants out there in the market. We’d be concentrating on the one that’s priced below the price range of 10 lakhs.

It is powered by a 2179 cc diesel engine. It has 5-speed manual transmission and supports rear wheel drive.

This SUV can accommodate 7 people. It has a mileage of 11.57 km/ltr.

Price- 9.55 lakhs

7) Mahindra TUV 300

Mahindra TUV 300

A fully diesel engine based SUV, this one from Mahindra was the segment first-AMT based offering. It is powered by a 1493 cc engine with 5-speed transmission. There’s a few manual-transmission based variant along with automatic based.

It has a seating capacity for 7 passengers and offers a mileage of 18.49 km/ltr.

Price- 7.38- 9.66 lakhs

6) Mahindra Scorpio

  Mahindra Scorpio

Here’s another one from Mahindra in our entry. This one has multiple offering but we would look to include only the ones matching our budget.

It packs an all-diesel engine with engine displacement options of 2179 cc, 2523 cc and 2609 cc. The transmission is supported by automatic or manual basis depending upon the variant.

The mileage is certified from 13.5 km/ltr to 15.4 km/ltr.

Price- 8.61- 9.99 lakhs

5) Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport

One of the best options for SUV enthusiast in India, Ford EcoSport has an efficient engine and specs.

It offers both petrol and diesel engine with displacement as 999 cc for thepetrol engine and 1499 cc for adiesel engine. The seating space is available for 5 passengers.

The mileage ranges from 15.85 km/ltr to 22.27 km/ltr depending upon the variant.

Price- 6.76- 10.00 lakhs

4) Renault Duster

Renault Duster

Next up is the one from Renault. This one has been trending as one of the best SUV in the Indian market.

It comes in two engine variants, i.e. 1598 cc petrol engine and 1461 cc diesel engine. It offers both manual and automatic transmission based on different variants.

The stated mileage for the petrol engine is 13.06 km/ltr and 19.72 km/ltr for the diesel engine.

Price- Rs 8.47 – 9.47 lakhs

3) Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V

Honda has offered a new SUV variant in the ilk of BR-V. this one is available in two engine options, 1497 cc petrol engine and 1498 cc diesel engine.

It has 7 seater arrangement and offers manual transmission apart from one variant. It features manual transmission for all but one variant which offers an automatic transmission. It has a mileage of mileage of 15.4 km/ltr for petrol and 21.9 km/ltr for a diesel engine.

Price- Rs 8.75 – 9.90 lakhs

2) Maruti Vitara Brezza

Maruti Vitara Brezza

Stationed at second in our entry is Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. This one is based on the previous gen Grand Vitara design.

It has a 1248 cc engine with 5-speed manual transmission. The seating arrangement has been made for 5 passengers.

It has a mileage of 24.3 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 6.99 – 9.54 lakhs

1) Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta

For the top of the pile, we’ve got Hyundai Creta. It has three engine variants on offer in the Indian market as 1396 cc, 1582 cc and 1591 cc.

It is available for the petrol engine and diesel engine. It has a mileage of 15.29 km/ltr- 21.38 km/ltr depending upon the variant.

Price- Rs 8.59- 9.99 lakhs

What’s your pick of the bunch among these?

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