Top 10 Best Small Cars Available in India 2018

Small cars are often the precursor in the automobile industry. It’s often sort of first entry for people into the herald of four-wheelers. And we’ve got plenty of small cars in the Indian market to indulge upon.

We thought of stepping into the realms of the one looking for small cars and specify their needs in our blog. It’s why we’ve enlisted the top 10 best small cars in India 2016.

The ones mentioned down below are based on the price barometer, features, performance and overall value for money terms. We hope you have a good time reaching out for the options that interest you.

Read along for the entries.

10) Tata Nano Genx

Tata Nano Genx

One of the most economical cars in India, this one even has an automatic variant. That provides some leeway to the budget-friendly car.

It features a 624 cc engine and has 4-speed gears. It can offer seating space for 4 people and offers petrol and CNG engine option. The mileage for this one stands at 21.9- 23.6 km/ltr for the petrol engine and 36 km/ltr for the CNG engine.

Price- Rs 2.08- 3.05 Lakhs

9) Hyundai Eon 

Hyundai Eon

Next up is the entry level hatchback from Hyundai named as Eon. It has an 814 cc engine and is available in petrol and LGP variant.

The engine features 5-speed manual transmission and offers seating space for 5 passengers. It has front wheel driveline. It offers a mileage of 21.1 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 3.25- 4.29 Lakhs

8) Chevrolet Beat

Chevrolet Beat

An entry level hatchback from Chevrolet, this one offers both the diesel and petrol engine offers. In fact, this one is one of the cheapest diesel hatchbacks in the market.

It has 1199 cc engine for petrol option and 936 cc engine for thediesel option. The transmission remains manual for both of them.

It features a mileage of 18.6 km/ltr for the petrol engine and 25.44 km/ltr for the diesel engine.

 Price- Rs 4.32- 6.57 lakhs

 7) Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

The much-loved hatchback from Maruti Suzuki, this one offers petrol and CNG engine variant. It features 998 cc engine with manual and automatic transmission depending on the variant.

The car has 5 gear speeds and has a stipulated mileage of 24.07 km/ltr for thepetrol engine and 32.26 km/ltr for the CNG engine.

Price- Rs 3.66- 4.11 Lakhs

6) Hyundai i10

Hyundai Grand i10

This one remains a viable choice for smaller car and offers two engine options as petrol and LPG variant.

It has 1086 cc engine with manual transmission and offers speed gears up to 5. It has a seating capacity for 5 passengers and offers a mileage of 19.81 km/ltr all around.

Price- Rs 4.36- 5.18 Lakhs

5) Ford Figo

Ford Figo

A powerful and efficient hatchback model available in both petrol and diesel engine options, this one is certainly a game-changer.

It has an 1196 cc displacement for thepetrol engine and 1498 cc diesel engine. It features automatic and manual transmission based on the variants.

The seating arrangement remains for 5 passengers while the mileage stats read 18.16 km/ltr for petrol and 25.83 km/ltr for adiesel engine.

Price- Rs 4.47- 7.68 Lakhs

4) Datsun Redi-Go

Datsun Redi-Go

One of the pick of the bunch, this one from Datsun offers 799 cc petrol engine and is seen as a direct competitor for the Renault Kwid. It has amanual transmission on all its variant.

The car comes equipped with 5-speed gears and offers front wheel drive. The stated mileage for this one is 25.17 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 2.42- 3.37 Lakhs

3) Fiat Punto Pure

Fiat Punto Pure

Fiat’s entry level hatchback offering Punto Pure has both petrol and diesel engine on offer. This one bears manual transmission and supports 5-speed gears.

The petrol engine has a displacement of 1172 cc while the diesel possesses 1248 cc engine. The seating arrangement remains for 5 passengers while the driveline features front wheel drive.

It has a mileage of 15 km/ltr for thepetrol engine and 20 km/ltr for adiesel engine.

Price- Rs 4.54- 5.63 Lakhs

2) Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid

One of the top grosser in the small car segment, this one has unmatched specs and features. It offers 799 cc petrol engine and is equipped with a5-speed manual transmission.

The seating capacity remains the same as another hatchback as 5 passengers and the driveline is stated as thefront wheel.

It has a mileage of 25.17 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 2.62- 3.67 Lakhs

1) Tata Tiago 

Tata Tiago

Stationed at the top of the pile is Tata’s new hatchback offering, Tiago. It features both the petrol and diesel engine option.

The petrol engine has a displacement of 1199 cc while the diesel one has 1047 cc displacement. It offers a manual transmission in all its variants and features 5-speed gears.

The seating capacity is as usual for 5 people. The mileage stats read 23 km/ltr for the petrol engine and 27 km/ltr for a diesel engine.

Price- Rs 3.20- 5.54 Lakhs

 What’s the one that caught your eye among these? Share your views with us down below and let us know.

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