Top 10 Best Scooter / Scooty Under 50,000 Rs. in India 2019

If you are looking to get a scooty / scooter and don’t want to spend more than INR 50,000, then follow along the below article. You will find the 10 best scooty / scooter that could be yours at a price range of approx. 50,000. Please leave your comments at the end, as it will help us in serving you in a better way in the future.

1.  Hero pleasure

Hero pleasure

Hero Pleasure is one of the most powerful and lovely scooters with an engine of 102 cc. Undoubtedly It has a powerful engine inspite of that it’s capable of giving out a great mileage of up to 66 kmpl. It comes with automatic gearbox thus you won’t need to change it manually.

Cost: 43k approx.

2. Suzuki Lets 110

Suzuki Let’s

Suzuki is a key player in scooty market and has offered some cool and innovatively designed scooters recently; Suzuki let’s 110 offers a great fuel efficiency of approx. 63kmpl. It will offer you a powerful ride with its 112 cc engine.

Cost: 48k approx.

3. Mahindra Gusto 110

Mahindra Gusto 110

Mahindra Gusto 110 is a new entry in scooters segment in India and has got heavy and stylish looks. Its basically a men’s thing with having an engine ofDisplacement of 109.6 cc. its fuel tank has a capacity of 6 liters maximum.

Cost: 43k approx.

4. TVS Scooty Pep Plus

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

Scooty pep Plus is a product of TVS motors and is beautifully built for keeping girls in mind especially. With an engine Displacement of 87.8 cc it can run as fast as 80 kmph. It is a lightweight scooty and offers great and vivid color options.

Cost: 42k approx.

5.  Yamaha Sygnus Alpha

Yamaha Sygnus Alpha

Yamaha Sygnus Alpha is such a beautiful scooter that you will fall for it with the first look. Yamaha Cygnus Alpha has got a super powerful engine of 113cc. which is naturally air cooled. It has an automated gear box.

Cost: 48k approx.

6. TVS Jupiter 110

TVS Jupiter 110

TVS Jupiter 110 comes with an engine of 109.7 cc and is air cooled with 4 stroke. The 109 cc churns out a maximum power of 7.88 bhp @ 7500 rpm. So just take out your Jupiter and make out a revolution of the sun.

Cost: 47k approx.

7. Mahindra Duro

Mahindra Duro DZ

An engine of 124 cc empowers this scooter and it can attain a top speed of 100 kmph. Its engine generates a Max Power of 8 bhp @ 7,000 rpm. Mahindra Duro has adominancy over other scooters in this price range.

Cost: 48k approx.

8. TVS Wego

TVS Wego

TVS Wego costs an amount of about 49 k and offers a great value to your money. The engine Displacement of 110 cc churns out a Max Power 8 bhp @ 7,500 rpm. Fitted with a fuel tank of 5 liters it’s a great buy.

Cost: 48k approx.

9. Honda Activa-i

Honda Activa I

Honda active-I is yet another super cool and powerful scooty from the Honda motors. Honda Activa-I comes with an engine of 109cc.the engine churns out a maximum power of 8 bhp @ 7,500 rpm accompanied by Maximum Torque of 9 Nm.

Cost: 49k approx.

10. Mahindra Rodeo 125 RZ

Mahindra Rodeo 125 RZ

Mahindra Rodeo 125 RZ is a wonderful scooty with marvelous looks and incredible power under the hood. The engine has got a displacement of 124 cc.The 124 cc engine makes it stand out the crowd.

Cost: 44k approx.


There was a phase when we have thought that scooters will soon become a thing of past, reason behind this statement was the increasing popularity of bikes. But some companies launched some really cool scooters to keep the market alive. Above mentioned scooters are the best one to be considered under 50,000 rupees.

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