Top 10 Best Bikes Below Rs. 10 Lakhs in India 2019

People with ability to purchase a motorbike worth this much money certainly falls within the bike enthusiast group. However, not every costly motorbike could be eligible for the Top 10 bikes in India under Rs. 10 lakhs list, only the ones with best worldwide reputation, great after sales service and overall credibility of being a great machine has been placed here.

10. Harley Davidson Sportster

Harley Davidson Sportster

Harley Davidson Sportster motorbike comes with an 883 cc air-cooled engine. The maximum power offered by this engine is 50 bhp, and maximum torque is 69 Nm at 3,750 rpm. There are 6 speed options in the manual gearbox. The fuel tank capacity is 12.5 liters and rated mileage is 17 kmpl. Price: Rs. 805,749.

9. Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster falls within the naked sports-bike category. The engine displacement for this motorbike is 821 cc, which offers an impressive maximum power output of 112 bhp and the maximum torque offering is 89.4 Nm. Monster has a 6-speed manual transmission. Rated mileage on the Ducati Monster is 18 kmpl. Price: Rs. 1,008,449.

8. Triumph Bonneville 1200

Triumph Bonneville

The 1200 cc variant of the Triumph Bonneville is undoubtedly much more powerful than the 800 cc variant. It offers maximum power of 59.8 bhp through the air-cooled engine. The gearbox offers 5 speeds, resulting in a fuel efficiency of 22 kmpl. Capacity for the fuel tank is 16 liters. Price: Rs. 952,394.

7. Ducati Scrambler

Ducati Scrambler

Urban Enduro is the highest configuration Scrambler model in the market. It comes with an 803 cc engine that offers 75 bhp maximum power output. The gearbox has 6 gears, and the bike’s top speed is 193 kmph. 20 kmpl is the certified mileage on this motorbike. Price: Rs. 875,715.

6. Harley Davidson 1200 Custom

Harley Davidson 1200 Custom

With a massive 1202 cc engine, the Harley Davidson 1200 Custom ought to be called a very powerful cruiser. Maximum torque figure this motorbike can reach is 96 Nm at 3,750, that’s spectacular. There are 5 gears in the manual transmission system. The fuel tank capacity is 17 liters, and the certified fuel efficiency is 21 kmpl. Price: Rs. 973,995.

5. Triumph Street Twin

Triumph Street Twin

The British manufacturer’s remarkable innovation has reached India and gained much popularity in the premium consumer section. The Triumph Street Twin has a 900 cc engine that offers 54 bhp maximum power and 80 Nm maximum torque. The gearbox is 5-speed manual. The fuel tank capacity is 12 liters, and rated mileage is around 17 kmpl. Price: Rs. 754,988.

4. Ducati Hypermotard

Ducati Hypermotard

With higher ground clearance, it’s an off-road capable bike. The engine displacement is 821.1cc and the maximum power output is 110bhp. It reaches a top speed of 210 kmph, while still maintaining a mileage of 19 kmpl on average. Price: Rs. 1,099,743.

3. Triumph Tiger

Triumph Tiger

The Triumph Tiger has an 800 cc engine with 93.87bhp maximum power output. The top speed on this motorbike reaches up to 210 kmph. It has a 19 liters fuel tank, suitable for long-haul rides. The rated mileage on Triumph Tiger is 17 kmpl. Price: Rs. 1,112,800.

2. Suzuki Intruder

Suzuki Intruder

The Suzuki Intruder’s engine is 805 cc in displacement, and the maximum power output through this engine is 50 bhp. It can reach a top speed of 209 kmph. The gearbox has 5 different speeds, manual. Intruder’s fuel tank capacity is 15.5 liters and the certified mileage is 21 kmpl. Price: Rs. 1,094,042.

1. Yamaha MT09

Yamaha MT09

Yamaha MT09 comes with an 847cc engine offering 113.4 bhp maximum power output. The gearbox offers 6 manually changeable gears. It has a 14 liters fuel tank with rated mileage 19 kmpl. Top speed on this motorbike is 225 kmph. Price: Rs. 1,115,119.


The pricing for these motorbikes is mostly under 10 lac rupees in India, however fewer models have a really unstable pricing. For the most updated pricing reference, contact your nearest ex-showroom.


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