Best Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India 2019 – Top 5 Picks

Unlike any other nations around the world, India has a very big market and demand for two-wheelers is comparatively very high. Two wheelers are one of the most used vehicles on the Indian roads right now.

Among various types of two-wheelers, a bike is the most used and in demand two-wheeler in India. The number of models of bikes available on the Indian market is so huge that, it is not an easy task to select and purchase the best bike. However, we could help you; here is a list of a few factors that you could consider to get yourselves the best bikes in 2018.

  1. Mileage
  2. Weight
  3. Height
  4. Budget
  5. Brand
  6. On-road customer reviews

Mileage – Majority of the people outside India do not consider this as a factor while purchasing a bike. However, as per the rate of petrol is today, most Indians consider mileage as a very important factor. Different bikes in India come with different mileage, so it is very important that you check the bike specification and ensure that you are buying a bike with high mileage.

Weight – Most of the people who are getting their first bike might not be familiar with this factor. The weight of the bike is very important, the handling easiness increases as the weight of the bike increases. However, if you find difficult to handle heavy bikes, go for lighter ones. One of the most important things you should know is that as the weight of the bike increases you could be safe. Heavier bikes are comfortable to handle.

Height – Bikes in India comes in different heights, different models come in different or same height feature. Height is directly related to the handling of the bikes. Always consider purchasing a bike that suits your height. In other words, the height of the bike should be in such a way that your legs should touch the ground without any stress.

Budget – In India, most of the bikes come with almost the same specifications. Especially if we consider the price segment, majority of the bikes will have almost identical specifications. However, the price of the bike entirely depends on the brand name and the quality.

Brand – Most of the people assume that Indian bike brands market bikes with low quality and avoid purchasing bikes from Indian brands. However, there is no basis for such allegations. A majority of the bike brands in India markets bikes of reasonable quality. So, it is important that you remember that bike brand whether Indian or not does not matter. However, if you are planning to sell your bike, the check the resale value of the brands, not all bikes come with same resale value. Hero, Honda, Suzuki, TVS, Bajaj etc are few of the top brands in India.

On-road customer reviews – Visit any bike showroom and they would convince you that their product is the best. However, the real picture on how good the bike is, could be acquired from on-road customer reviews. Talk to your friends and other people who own a bike and enquire about the bike you ought to purchase. This alone could help you get yourselves the best bike.

Considering the above-mentioned factors, here is the list of best bikes in India with a price less than 1-Lakh

1. Bajaj Pulsar 160 NS

Bajaj Pulsar 160NS

  • Displacement– 160.3 cc
  • Mileage – 45 kmpl
  • Max power – 15.5PS @8500 rpm
  • Maximum torque – 14.6 Nm
  • Number of gears– 5

This legendary bike comes from the Indian brand Bajaj. Most of the people consider this brand and their bike models as the best suitable for Indian roads. This bike has a 160cc oil-cooled engine that comes with a single-cylinder. The engine produces a power almost equal to 15.3 bhp and is incorporated with a 5-speed gearbox.

Price – 82,500 Approx

2. Yamaha FZ S V 2.0

Yamaha FZ S V 2.0

  • Displacement– 149 cc
  • Mileage – 45kmpl
  • Max power – 13.2hp @8,000rpm
  • Maximum torque – 12.8 Nm
  • Number of gears– 5

The FZ S V 2.0 is the second generation version of the legendary bike FZ from the brand Yamaha. This bike comes with a fuel injection feature added to the 149 cc single-cylinder engine that is air-cooled. Unlike the old FZ, this bike now produced a power almost equal to 13 bhp. The brand claims that this model is 16{f95c7881617d93ef1bb7fba79017494328ee4f77172486ad8b5017488f52bb1c} more fuel efficient than the previous models.

Price – 83,000 approx

3. Hero Glamour

Hero Glamour

  • Displacement– 124.7 cc
  • Mileage – 55kmpl
  • Max power – 11.69 PS @ 7500 rpm
  • Maximum torque – 12.8Nm
  • Number of gears– 4

Unlike the above-mentioned two bike models, this bike is more fuel efficient and cheap. This bike has a 125cc single-cylinder engine that is air-cooled and the engine can deliver a power almost equal to 8 bhp. One of the notable things about this bike is that the resale value of this bike is comparatively higher than any other bikes.

Price – 57,500 approx

4. TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

  • Displacement–197.75 cc
  • Mileage – 41 kmpl
  • Max power – 20.70 bhp at 9,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque – 18.10 Nm
  • Number of gears– 5

This bike from the Indian brand TVS is one of the top brands that market bikes that are comparatively friendlier to be used on Indian roads. This bike has a 198 cc single-cylinder engine that is oil-cooled. The engine could deliver a power almost equal to 20.2 bhp and the manufacturer has incorporated a fuel injection feature that adds an extra 0.5 bhp.

Price – 93,000 approx

5. Suzuki Gixxer SF

Suzuki Gixxer SF

  • Displacement– 154.9 cc
  • Mileage – 48 kmpl
  • Max power – 14.6 bhp @ 8000 rpm
  • Maximum torque – 14 Nm
  • Number of gears– 5

This bike from the brand Suzuki is a commuter motorcycle. This bike comes with a 155 cc single-cylinder engine that is air-cooled. The engine can deliver a power almost equal to 14.6 bhp and the bike comes fitted with ABS systems.

Price – 91,000 approx

You could find bikes from different price range and different brands listed above. These are the best bikes with a price less than 1-Lakh available on the market today.

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