Comparison Toyota Innova Crysta Vs Honda BR-V

We’re back again. Guess that didn’t come as a surprise because we’ll always be sporting some new posts for you. We promised you back the last time to come up with something new. So here’s something a bit different that our previous endeavors.

We’re going to look at the all muscular segment of SUV’s, the rogue beasts that whirls around as nicely on the roads as in the wilds. So you ready for it. And ah, here’s a little secret for you. The comparison for today is based on compact SUV offerings from two prime-time competitors, Toyota and Honda.

Watch out, the battle out to begin.

The synopsis

Toyota is famed around the globe for their aesthetic design and automobile engineering. Well, it’s the same with this new offering on the Innova variant. They facelifted the exterior styling and added a touch of luxurious interior settings with the newest variant of Innova named as Toyota Innova Crysta.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Honda has been offering an SUV named CR-V for the past few years. They clammed a new model with luxury and premium features of an SUV to the mid-price segment in the form of Honda BR-V.

Honda BR-V

Let’s check out the specs of these two.

Engine & Transmission

Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota Innova Crysta comes only in diesel variant with an engine displacement of 2393 cc for manual transmission based and 2755 cc for automatic transmission based.The manual transmission has 5 gears while the automatic one has 6 gears. Both feature front wheel drive option.

The manual transmission based engine has a peak power of 150PS @3400 Rpm and a max torque of 343 Nm @ 1400-2800 Rpm while the automatic one has a power of 174 PS @ 3400 Rpm and a torque of 360Nm @ 1200-3400 Rpm.

Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V comes in petrol and diesel variant with manual based transmission apart from one variant Honda BR-V CVT Petrol where there’s automatic transmission. Both of them feature 7-gears and offer front wheel drive.

The petrol variant has an engine displacement of 1497 cc with a power of 119 PS @ 6600 Rpm and a torque of 145 Nm @ 4600 Rpm. The diesel variant has 1498 cc engine with a power of 100PS @3600 Rpm and a torque of 200 Nm @ 1750 Rpm.


Toyota Innova Crysta is likely to offer highway mileage of 15.4 km/ltr with the city mileage primed at 12.0 km/ltr. It features a fuel tank capacity of 55 ltr.

Honda BR-V offers anARAI-certified mileage of 15.4 km/ltr on the petrol variant while the automatic variant of petrol engine offers 16 km/ltr. The diesel variant offers 21.9 km/ltr on fuel. The fuel tank capacity for this one is 42 ltr.

Suspension & Dimension

Toyota Innova Crysta offers double wishbone with torsion beam as the front suspension while the rear suspension is powered with 4-link coil spring. The dimension for it is 4735mm x 1830mm x 1795 mm. It has a wheelbase of 2750mm with a kerb weight of 1825 kg.

Honda BR-V has McPherson strut coil spring as the front suspension and torsion beam coil spring as the rear one. Its dimension is 4453mm x 1735mm x 1666 mm. It features a wheelbase of 2662 mm and a kerb weight of 1271 kg.

Seating and Boot Space

Toyota Innova Crysta offers seating capacity for 7/8 people depending upon the variant and has 5 doors.

Honda BR-V offers seating capacity for 7 people in 3-seating rows with 5 doors. It has a boot space of 223 ltr.

Amenities & Features

Toyota Innova Crysta offers airbags, engine immobilizer, child safety locks, ABS, power steering, adjustable steering control, multifunction display and power windows to name a few.

Honda BR-V is laden with engine immobilizer, child safety locks, door ajar warning, airbags, ABS, hill assist, power steering, power windows, ventilation system, instrument console and more.

Price & Variants

Let’s have a look at the variants of Toyota Innova Crysta-

Diesel Variants

Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 GX 7 STR – Rs 14.85 lakhs

Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 GX 8 STR – Rs 14.89 lakhs

Toyota Innova Crysta 2.8 GX AT 7 STR – Rs 16.15 lakhs

Toyota Innova Crysta 2.8 GX AT 8 STR – Rs 16.19 lakhs

Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 VX 7 STR – Rs 17.69 lakhs

Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 VX 8 STR – Rs 17.83 lakhs

Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 ZX 7 STR – Rs 19.63 lakhs

Toyota Innova Crysta 2.8 ZX AT 7 STR – Rs 20.93 lakhs

Time for the ones from Honda BR-V;

Petrol Variants

Honda BRV E- Rs 8.75 lakhs

Honda BRV S- Rs 9.90 lakhs

Honda BRV V- Rs 10.90 lakhs

Honda BRV VX- Rs 11.84 lakhs

Honda BRV V CVT- Rs 11.99 lakhs

Diesel Variants

Honda BRV E- Rs 9.90 lakhs

Honda BRV S- Rs 10.99 lakhs

Honda BRV V- Rs 11.85 lakhs

Honda BRV VX- Rs 12.90 lakhs

So what’s your views on these two cars? What’s your favorite among them? Let us know down below in the comment box.

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