Comparison Between Yamaha FZ25 vs. Honda CBR 250R Price, Specifications, Pros & Cons and Review

When it comes to two very popular and influential brands like Yamaha and Honda, potential motorbike buyers are supposed to get confused because both these companies are well capable of making excellent motorbikes. The Yamaha FZ25 and Honda CBR 250R are both excellent machines with the necessary levels of boldness and elegance embedded within them. Both Honda CBR 250R and Yamaha FZ25 have different color schemes to choose from, they are both in the same segment and their prices are close to each other. The only thing that matters while choosing between one of these is brand preference to most of the regular customer base of Honda and Yamaha.

Yamaha FZ25 and Honda CBR 250R’s curtains were taken off recently where they have received remarkable amount of facelift for 2017. Depending on your physique and the bike’s appearance, both motorbikes are supposed to make a great impression on your mind.

Yamaha FZ25

Yamaha FZ25

The Yamaha FZ25 is a larger and newer face lifted version of the already existent Yamaha FZ. Also, this motorbike stands in between two other very popular Yamaha motorbikes named the Yamaha YZF-R15 and the Yamaha YZF-R3. Before the actual unveiling event happened, the FZ25 was anticipated to be the YZ250 keeping a similarity with the engine displacement but the final output ended up with the FZ25 title. Premium features like automatic headlight switch on when the lights get dim or the timer gets activated is a subtle new touch that everyone is going to love! It has a 249 cc engine with 20 Nm of maximum torque and 20.9PS maximum power. The motorbike weighs 148 kg, the engine displacement to weight ratio is pretty good although the acceleration is slightly on the lower side. Yamaha isn’t marketing the ABS equipped version of the Yamaha FZ25 in India yet.


  • Yamaha FZ25 is the most affordable 250 cc bike in the segment right now. There are few others of course, but FZ25 is from one of the best Japanese manufacturers (assembled in India) yet priced so low.
  • We loved the LED headlights on this motorbike. During night time rides, sufficient light is emitted from the bulb.
  • Due to lower seating height and stable position, taking a ride on the Yamaha FZ25 is very stable.


  • The engine should have been slightly more powerful. Acceleration seems fine, but the top speed isn’t much.
  • Smaller instrument panel might spike up some cringes.
  • ABS is a very standard safety feature that’s absent in Yamaha FZ25 Indian variant as of yet.

Price: Rs. 133,276.

Honda CBR 250R

Honda CBR250R

Honda CBR 250R has an engine of 249.6 cc displacement and is able of picking up a maximum power of 26.15 bhp and 22.9 Nm of maximum torque. Although both motorbikes are within the same segment, the Honda CBR 250R is faster than the Yamaha FZ25 by a very tiny margin. In real life scenario, no is even going to feel what difference these two engines make in terms of power and torque. There are six color variants of the Honda CBR 250R and there’s even a tri-color variant for sportier look.


  • Great mileage – almost 30 kmpl for a 250cc engine is good enough.
  • Tri-color option is cherry on top for those who prefer looks over anything else. The bike is a great performer nonetheless.
  • Great value for price.


  • No kick starter – without battery or some rolling, there’s no way to get the motorbike going.
  • Faster than YZ25 but not a lot.
  • Build materials could have been more premium.

Price: Rs. 174,944.

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