Best & Latest Honda Cars in India 2018

A giant of the automobile industry, Honda is the centrepiece of our topic today. Honda has been the trusted brand over the years for its prime vehicular offerings featuring the best-in-class amenities and specs.

Featuring as one of the top sellers in India and the world, the Japanese manufacturer offers fine cars for the road enthusiast. In fact, 2016 is the year when Honda is primed to roll out four new models on the street. That speaks off the craze for the piece from Honda in the Indian market.

Continuing our series of looking into the top ten cars of a company, we’d have our take on the ones from Honda in thepost down below. It features seven ongoing models from the company. So get yourself readied, the race is about to begin.

7) Honda Brio

Honda Brio

The first one to get our list rolling in is the hatchback model from Honda named Brio.

It features petrol engine only. It has 1198 cc engine displacement offering manual and automatic transmission based on the variant. It sports front wheel driveline,

The seating capacity remains available for 5 people in 2 seating rows. The fuel tank capacity for this one is 35 ltr.

The mileage reads 16.5 km/ltr for automatic variant and 19.4 km/ltr for manual transmission variant.

Price- Rs 4.38- 6.97 lakhs

6) Honda Amaze

Honda Amaze

This one is a compact sedan based on the Brio engine model. It has petrol and diesel offerings on the engine front. The displacement for the petrol one is 1198 cc, the same as Brio while the diesel one is 1498 cc.

It offers manual based transmission on diesel while the petrol one offers automatic and manual options. It features 5-seater space with 35 ltr of fuel tank capacity.

The mileage stats read 18.1 km/ltr for the automatic transmission petrol engine and 17.8 km/ltr for the manual transmission petrol engine. The mileage for diesel is stated as 25.8 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 5.36- 8.26 lakhs

5) Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz

This one is a hatchback with spacious and better-equipped cabin than the other hatchback models available in the market. It offers both petrol and diesel option on the engine with automatic and manual transmission based on the variant.

The diesel engine has a displacement of 1498 cc while the petrol has 1199 cc engine. It’s a 5-seater car with 40 ltr of fuel tank capacity. The mileage is 27.3 km/ltr for the diesel variant and 18.2 km/ltr -19.0 km/ltr for the petrol option.

Price- Rs 5.56- 8.99 lakhs

4) Honda Mobilio

Honda Mobilio

One for the MPV segment, this one from Honda is a stylish seven-seater car. It offers fuel efficient engine with great cabin space.

It is available in both the petrol and diesel option and offers amanual transmission on both of them. The engine displacement is 1497 cc for petrol and 1498 cc for thediesel variant.

It has 42 ltr fuel tank capacity and offers 17.3 km/ltr on petrol variant while the diesel one offers 24.2 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 7.10 – 12.25 lakhs

3) Honda City

Honda City

A stylish performance based sedan offering from Honda, this one is one of the top sellers in the segment. It has best-in-class mileage and spacious cabin.

It is available in petrol and diesel variant with manual and automatic transmission based on the variant. The engine displacement for the petrol variant is 1497 cc and for the diesel variant is 1498 cc.

It offers seating capacity for 5 people and has 40 ltr fuel tank capacity. The mileage reads 17.4 km/ltr – 18 km/ltr for the petrol variant and 26 km/ltr for the diesel option.

Price- Rs 8.02- 12.38 lakhs

2) Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V

A new generation compact SUV, this one comes in diesel and petrol option. The diesel one manual transmission with1498 cc displacement while the petrol variant has 1497 cc displacement.

The petrol variant offers manual transmission apart from one specific variant offering anautomatic transmission.

It’s a 7-seater with 42 ltr fuel tank. The mileage is stated as 21.9 km/ltr for thedieselvariant and 15.4km/ltr – 16 km/ltr for the petrol variant.

Price- Rs 8.75- 12.90 lakhs

1) Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

The top rank is taken by quintessential premium SUV from Honda. This one is one of the finest ones could get in the market in the very segment.

It comes only in petrol option and has two variants, the automatic and manual transmission based ones. The 1997 cc engine comes in manual and automatic variant while the 2354 cc engine comes only in the automatic variant.

It’s a 5-seatewr with 58 ltr fuel tank capacity. The mileage for the 2354 cc engine is 12 km/ltr while the 1997 cc engine offers 13.7 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 21.24- 25.24 lakhs

What’s your favourite amongst them? Give your thoughts down below in the comment box.

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