Bajaj Blade 125 Price, Specification and Features

The two wheeler industry in India is very competitive and it’s the native manufacturers who make the competition very intense, which is indeed a matter of national pride. However, there are many companies coming up with fashionable and efficient scooters these days. These are built with youth usage engagement in mind, with increased fuel economy to lessen the overall monthly expenditure. Bajaj Blade 125 is a very popular scooter of recent times. The sharp and smart accents on the design language is what it makes widely popular, with the compelling price tag the Bajaj Blade 125 is just irresistible.


Bajaj Blade 125

Engine displacement is 125 cc. Bajaj has used their widely popular DTS-i engine for this scooter, it’s a 4 valve unit. The rated output power is 11.5 bhp. Unlike many scooters of recent times, the Bajaj Blade 125 is equipped with a 4 speed manual gearbox. Having a manual gearbox might make this scooter a non-practical option for many, but for greater pickup and increased fuel efficiency a manual gearbox is the best option nonetheless.

Bajaj Blade 125 has a bigger fuel tank worth capacity 14.50 liters. With a greater fuel efficiency of 55-60 km/l on city traffic condition, the riders wouldn’t need very frequent refueling even on long route journeys.

The seating arrangement is very comfortable for two persons. Bajaj Blade 125 weighs 163 kgs, hence it’s a suitable scooter for long route journeys alongside everyday commuting within the city. 140 mm is the ground clearance which keeps up well with bumpy roads, never hits the speed bumps either. The front wheels has disc brake while the rear ones are equipped with drum brakes.

The gauges on the central panel are mostly analog – the speedometer, tachometer and the fuel gauge. The overall design is excellent!


Ex-showroom price for the Bajaj Blade 125 is Rs. 40,000.

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